Expressing Affection With A Whip?

By Joseph LaRocca JUN 07, 2023
in Skin Care

Customs Of The Mahale Tribe

Africa has always been a mysterious continent because few people venture into it. The coming-of-age ritual for girls in the Mahale tribe in Africa involves being whipped with a vine. The greater the intensity of the whipping, the happier she feels. Enduring the pain, the women not only do not call for a stop, but also request for an increase in intensity. They endure the whipping until blood is drawn, leaving behind crisscrossing blood marks. Surprisingly, despite the wounds being flesh and blood from the whipping, they do not fester, infect, or scar.

Dr. Ethan, who researches biological genes and species origins, had the privilege of participating in this ritual during his fieldwork in Africa. Dr. Ethan found that after the ritual, they did not rely solely on the wounds to heal themselves. They would apply a homemade herbal remedy on the wounds. The locals couldn't explain what was in the herbal remedy. They only knew that applying it would prevent pain and scarring.

Dr. Ethan's Experiment In American

Dr. Ethan brought some samples back to the United States for further research. He found that African sage was the key herb used in the medicinal treatment applied after the whipping ceremony. Its extract, flavonoids, have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Rich amino acids can promote skin growth and repair. Indeed it is the perfect raw material for scar removal. Dr Ethan shared his research findings with his team. Also he established a cultivation base for African sage in the United States to ensure the purity of raw materials. They combined the extract with other natural plant extracts and developed GuruSilky scar removal spray.

GuruSilky Scar Removal Spray

This innovative formula helps promote skin health, firmness, and elasticity, while reducing and smoothing the texture of scars on all skin types, including

surgical scars
burn scars
hypertrophic scars
acne scars and more

GuruSilky scar removal spray can form a breathable layer, increase skin moisture, and protect scar tissue, enabling collagen synthesis normalization and balancing skin growth processes.

GuruSilky scar removal spray has undergone a 30-day clinical trial to target different common scars and sensitive skin. The results show that the spray can remove new scars within 4 weeks and old scars within 4-8 weeks, leaving the skin smooth and delicate. These are the amazing trial results of GuruSilky scar removal spray.

Where To Buy?

No other scar removal spray was able to match GuruSilky on effectiveness or price! Currently, GuruSilky is running a massive 50% discount on their website, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

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Elphine Darcel

I have a very small scar on the tip of my nose and had a noticeable one on my cheek. All recent scars. I started using it immediately. The one on my cheek is almost nonexistent.

Ashutosh Nirala

I don’t really do reviews, I had to for this amazing product, I burned my thumb on my left hand and it left a very dark mark, I’m recently engaged and didn’t want to scar to show so I purchased this amazing product and within 2 days I noticed the scar vanishing, and now it mostly gone, I highly recommend this product.

Tracey Mahoney

I first got this scar spray to use following a skin cancer surgery. Then I tried using it on a patch of eczema on my leg which even doctor prescriptions did not help. After using this scar spray twice a day for a few weeks, the eczema is at last gone and barely visible anymore.

T. Knox

I have been using this for a few months so I really wanted to wait until I started seeing some results in order to review. I can say this does indeed work. I have a few scars from a few different things and it’s worked wonders. One scar was a cut on my wrist, it looked really bad and now it’s quite obsolete. There is still a small dark shadow but it’s not as noticeable upon first glance. I had another scar from a bandaid and rejected piercing on my chest. Once again, this has faded or drastically. There is still a small dark shadow but it isn’t as bad as it was before. This stuff works and I will continue to use it.

Nate Rose

I'm really liking this gel. It's visibly accelerating the healing of my surgery scar and is easy to use.

Ronald Chapman

Feels great on my skin very soft

John Carlo Santos

Finally found a product that does what it claims to. love it.

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Felicia Sandoval

This stuff feels great rubbed into my upper lip to nose scar after a skin cancer surgery. my scar's visibility is decreased after weeks of multiple applications per day. It is softer. I am going to continue to use this for months. If you buy it, just plan on a subscription until your scar fades to where you no longer need it. I use a lot of this per day, I work outside in the sun/winter weather which my dermatologist said would be bad for my scar, but I feel like this stuff is countering the weather conditions well and my scar is progressing in a positive direction despite my skin exposure.

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Eric Capri

I used this for acne scars, so far it's been working as expected.

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Rabia Khan

Was recommended by my dermatologist to cover recent surgery scar. It has only been a week, but so far it is great.

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Dr. Ken

I recently underwent a reduction surgery and my surgeon was promoting some $70+ dollar skin rebuilding silicon serum. After finishing the first one I bought after a few months, I decided to try this as an alternative.

I honestly can’t tell the difference between the textures or smell and it seems to work the same way! This one actually seems more moisturizing than the boutique brand.
Overall, I do recommend this if you’re recovering from any kind of surgery / managing scarring. I hope to use this long term and look forward to positive results!!

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M. Adams

I have seen improvement with my scar after using it for few days

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Leah Won

I burned my face with grease.. I let the wound heal and started using this spray!!! I am letting everyone know this stuff works! All the scars are gone and my face looks normal, I was so worried I was going to have marks and a scar on my face but this spray is AMAZING!!!! I never write reviews but this one deserves it!!

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Misty Faucheux

With just a week of use, my sutures are smoother and less visible

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Katherine Ruggles

Working great for Keloid scar!

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Krinjal Jain

My Physical Therapist was amazed at the results after 5 days.

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